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Pregnant And In school? What Are Your Options!

An unexpected pregnancy can be challenging especially when you are in school. Not only is it particularly difficult because it’s likely to be your first time, but also due to the fact that most modern societies are still not fully capable of successfully integrating teenage mothers. Even though, young girls can biologically conceive after they…
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Unwanted Pregnancy…. Now What?

Discovering that you’re pregnant can bring along a wide array of emotions. Women react to pregnancy in different ways, from being delighted to feeling frightened or maybe even both. Pregnancies can be overwhelming in the best of times. However, pregnancy can also be devastating when you didn’t expect it. What Should I Do? Panicking won’t…
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Adoption – Placing Your Child In A Loving Family

Completing an unplanned pregnancy to give birth to your beloved child is a heroic and heartwarming decision to say the least. It is undoubtedly your resolve to provide your baby a life of security and happiness that is encouraging you to place your baby with another family. An extremely important decision like this one, should…
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Teenage Pregnancy? Consider adoption

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expecting mothers. However, during the tender teen years it can be overwhelming. You may feel unprepared for the situation and pressured to take many important decisions in a short span of time. It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with conceiving at an early age, and…
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