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The process of adopting a baby or child comes with both great challenges and rewards.

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There are many steps you should follow before you can wrap your arms around your newborn child.

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Adoption Isn't Giving Up

Placing your child for adoption is one of the greatest feats of self-sacrifice and courage. All too often, society stigmatizes the process by using unkind language like ‘she is giving up her child’, which makes birthmothers second-guess their decisions. Messages like these imply that the birthmother is not lovingly placing her child in a family that is better able to take care of it, but just letting go or ridding herself of the child to the government, state or another person.

If we could just step back for a moment and see what this decision really entails, we would realize that it couldn’t be further from the truth. A number of circumstances may arise in which placement is the best option.

Instead of feeling unsure, sad or anxious about the unfortunate language surrounding the process, know that you are giving the ultimate gift of a better life to your child and the adoptive family. Not to mention the opportunities the process will create for all those involved.

Every child deserves a loving family. There are millions of children who seek a caring home to call their own and those who are about to come into this world that need a welcoming family. Let us help you build a family and make your dreams become a reality. We offer domestic adoption, inter-state adoption, international adoption and step-parent adoption.
Our services cover every aspect of your needs. Our website is a good place to start your journey to become an adoptive parent. In this section your will find basic resources on who can adopt, an explanation on the processes involved, some common questions you probably have on your mind and an idea of the costs involved in adoption.
The benefits of an adoption are manifold for the birthmothers, children as well as adoptive families. Birthmothers can continue their education or career after placing their child with another family. In most cases, she will be a part of her child’s life as he grows up. What’s more, if abortion is an uncomfortable and emotionally draining step, adoption is the least expensive option to consider.

Loving families get to welcome a new member into their homes and hearts, and adopted children get a chance to live full, joyous lives, with all the benefits of biological children.